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About us

My first Spanish Mastiff, the gorgeous Nora de Fuente Mimbre, was the most beautiful birthday gift. Norinka unfortunately does not qualify for breeding, but her first place in our hearts will never be taken. We all fell in love with her immediately, she has a great character and she convinced us that the Spanish Mastiff is a giant with a big heart, incredibly patient with children, but also a good guard dog. Soon after that Nora got a new friend – a cheerful tomboy Uma Tornado Erben, because nobody wants to be alone after all :-)...Ydalgo Leon Tornado Erben and Vacceo de Fuente Mimbre live with us too, whether there will be more, remains to be seen :-)  (I hope nobody from my family is reading this :-)
We were unable to resist a puppy from our first litter and Our beautiful Aura stayed with us :-).

We would like to devote love and care to this wonderful breed. Our dogs have a garden and their own little house, we're with them every day and of course there are regular walks and trips together. With some of our dogs, we visit exhibitions in the Czech Republic and also abroad.
Puppies will leave for their new homes socialised, micro chipped, dewormed and vaccinated. Of course they will also have an international passport mentioning all vaccinations, worming and subsequent term of vaccination. All our puppies have FCI pedigree. Along with the puppy you will receive a purchase agreement and a brief article on how to take care of the puppy. With our puppies we provide a guarantee to 2 years of age, detailed warranty conditions are listed in the purchase agreement for the puppy.

We prefer permanent contact with the owners of our puppies. For all candidates who are waiting for a puppy, we send new photos or video of growing puppies every week. If you have any questions or queries, please contact us or visit us upon prior agreement.

We provide the transport for puppies all over the country as well as abroad.

With this, I would especially like to thank my husband and the whole family for their great support and patience. Considerable thanks also belong to the Tornado Erben Breeding Kennel for their endless help in getting started. We are also sending thanks to sunny Spain, to breeder Mr. F. Torrijos from the Fuente Mimbre Breeding Kennel.


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