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Our females

7.1. 2012

HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD negative

Dali de la Aljabara

Bruno de las Canadas

Gilo de las Canadas

Canela II de las Canadas

Ulia de la Aljabara

Arroyo de Laciana

Bohemia de la Aljabara

Uma Tornádo Erben

Ugo del Dharmapuri

Pento de las Canadas

Perla de Montes del Pardo

Lois Tornádo Erben

Basil Mastifland

Florita Mája Tornádo Erben

Aura is female from our first litter. Her father is huge, nearly 100 kg heavy male imported directly from Spain, Dali de la Aljabara. Our Aura is wild, but very lovely and friendly. From the start She made everything to stay with us, so She stayed :-). She is tall female with very strong bones, nice head and beautiful movement. We will see, how She will develop in the future.


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