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Our females

21.6. 2009


Ulises de Ablanera

Nalon de Ablanera

Duna de Isla Perdida

Margarita de Trashumancia

Trabuco de Trashumancia

Regina de Trashumancia

Celsa de Fuente Mimbre

Canon de Fuente Mimbre

Ulises de Ablanera

Senda de Trashumancia


Ulises de Ablanera

Laya de Trashumancia

Nora is self-confident, incredibly friendly female. It is our "welcoming mastin" :-). She has strong bones, broad thorax, nice head and for me the most beautiful black colour, which isnīt so frequent. Norinka loves walkings, from time to time She go for a walk on own will, but the most she loves her proprietress :-).


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