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Date of birth 13.11. 2013

male BALI - Czech republic

male BE HAPPY - Czech republic

female BELINDA - Czech republic

female BIBIANA - Czech republic

female BIANCA - Spain - kennel Fuente Mimbre

Parents of the litter B are perfect representative of the breed Ydalgo Leon Tornado Erben (HD 0/0) - World winner 2012, European winner of young dogs 2011, Winner of Central and Eastern Europe 2012, Czech Champion, International Champion and Junior Champion of the Czech Republic. It is a dog with a very typical head with wrinkles, dark eyes, perfect angulation of extremities and beautiful motion. He loves swimming and last but not least he is a perfect watchdog. Ydalgo Leon is the father of the World Winner of young dogs in 2013. With his mom Sofia Sol in 2012 they successfully participated in two very numerously occupied exhibitions in Spain. In the first show they were chosen as the 2nd best couple of the exhibition and the next day they were chosen as the best couple in the exhibition. During the two days of the exhibition, there were Spanish specialists to assess the breed, Mr. Carlos Salas Melero and Mr. Luis Esquiro from the Trashumancia breeding station. The mother of the puppies is a bitch from our kennel, Aura Ultra Maxima-HD A, ED A, OCD negative, so far she has received the title of Czech Junior Champion. Aura is a tall and mighty bitch with very strong bones and perfect seamless motion. From puppy age Aura is an unguided missile and won us over with her friendly and gentle nature. She loves all living creatures and especially small children and puppies, with whom she can play with for a long periods and be extremely gentle with them.

The pedigree of our future puppies include many beautiful and typical mastiffs, such as the unforgettable Druso de la Aljabara, successful in exhibition - bitch Lois Tornado Erben, beautiful typical bitch Sofia Sol Tornado Erben, the mother of our Leon, then Dalí de la Aljabara, father of our Aura, we should note also Brutus and Ugo del Dharmapuri, Pento de las Canadas, Basil Mastifland and many others.

Druso de la Aljabara Ydalgo Leon T. Erben Sofia Sol Tornádo Erben Ydalgo a Sofia
Dali de la Aljabara Lois Tornado Erben Uma Tornado Erben
Brutus del Dharmapuri Ugo del Dharmapuri Pento de las Canadas Basil Mastifland

Ydalgo Leon Tornádo Erben

Brutus del Dharmapuri

Pento de las Canadas

Tundra del Dharmapuri

Sofia Sol Tornado Erben

Druso de la Aljabara

Lois Tornado Erben

Aura Ultra Maxima

Dali de la Aljabara

Bruno de las Canadas

Ulia de la Aljabara

Uma Tornádo Erben

Ugo del Dharmapuri

Lois Tornádo Erben

Puppies will leave for their new homes socialised, micro chipped, dewormed and vaccinated. Of course they will also have an international passport mentioning all vaccinations, worming and subsequent term of vaccination. All our puppies have FCI pedigree. Along with the puppy you will receive a purchase agreement and a brief article on how to take care of the puppy. With our puppies we provide a guarantee to 2 years of age, detailed warranty conditions are listed in the purchase agreement for the puppy.

We prefer permanent contact with the owners of our puppies. For all candidates who are waiting for a puppy, we send new photos or video of growing puppies every week. If you have any questions or queries, please contact us or visit us upon prior agreement.

We provide the transport for puppies all over the country as well as abroad.


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